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We currently have the setup that is attached to this post. Currently due to certain bandwidth limits by our providers we are statically using routemaps routing traffic between the distribution and core routers to each provider for each of our network...

gskhanna by Beginner
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Hi, I had a Cisco 877 router with no IOS image in the flash.When the router boot up, I can see this message:Password recovery functionality is disabled.No bootable image file: flash:/Unable to open boot fileAny suggestion how to fix it?

kevintang by Beginner
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Resolved! wic-2t problem

hi, need your advice on this. I have installed WIC-2T on our cisco3640 router with IOS ver12.0. but when check the router thru console, thw WIC-2T card will not be detected. Have tried installing WIC-1T on the 3640 and it works fine. I have also trie...

udimpas by Beginner
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Hi All;scenario: router has two interface. gi 0/0 and gi 0/1. gi 0/1 connect to internet with defined default gateway. I can ping default gateway ( but extended ping from gi 0/0 to default gateway doesn't work. I applied "ip routing" c...

we are having 6500 series switch.we are able to telnet the switch with network address as well as with interface address...several vlan are created in this switch. now my question is that how can we telnet it with network address... help me out plz a...

minimintu by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF database

HI,I am confused with stub network concpets on OSPF database. Plz have a look on the Cisco doc . networks of /8 & are shown as stu...

Hi All,I have a cisco 1720 and I just upgraded its IOS to 12.2(37)When I do a "sh ver", in the top of the output it shows the new version, but somewhere in the bottom, it showsROM: System Bootstrap, Version 12.0(3)T, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)I would lov...

insccisco by Beginner
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Hello, all. I'm having difficulty setting up a VLAN to be on the same subnet as my ATM0.1 interface. I have static IPs provided by my ISP, the last one is the router, and I want the first one on my server. I recently upgraded my flash from 24M to ...

abolis by Beginner
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HiI want to route to Vlan on same gatway router egvlan 10 ip add Vlan 20IP add Ip route Ip route it ok or not just for confirmationThanks

Hi,I have 2 WAN links through 2 ISP's. I am publishing some web services through one link and other services through the second one. I'd like to know if there is a product or a way to get load balancing and high availability with Cisco in this enviro...