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Traffic Shaping

I have two internet Links 1 Serial and 1 ADSL terminating on same router, Need to route SMTP Traffic from serial int and all other traffic from ADSL, 1. Which will be my default route (Serial or ADSL)2. Adsl is configured for DHCP how will i use !set...

Resolved! Conditional Default routes with BGP

Hi All,Is it possible with BGP to have different default-routes based on either communities or route-tagging?For example:network 1: andnetwork2: it possible for traffic originating from to have a different defaul...

alalli by Explorer
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Frame Relay Sub-Interfaces

Guys,I have just read an extract from the Cisco Frame-relay Solutions guide and I see the following :-On a Cisco router, by default, physical interfaces are multipoint interfacesSo why is a physical interface with FR encap have split-horizon disabled...

Routing Issue

Hello Guys,Please go through the attached Network diagram for the referrence.In this scenario PC-2 & PC-3 have same IP Address. All the router are running eigrp routing protocol.When i ping from PC-1 to which PC ( 2 or 3) should ping.what i ...

Help regarding 2Mb Link?

I have a 2 Mb Internet leased line link at home. I wanna use 805 series router for this purpose. The service provider has installed a CSU/DSU which has v.35 connector. now i wanna confirm that this 805 series router can support 2Mb Lease line link.

non existent ACL blocks traffic

hello,we have a standard ACL applied to our router vty lines. Yesterday we had a problem on one of our MSFC2.The ACL 85 was not configured at all on the routerbut the statement 'access-class 85 in' was configured on the vty line and all traffic was b...

amadeus by Beginner
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LinkState convergence times

I am trying to decide based on calculations which routing protocol has better convergence time: OSPF or ISIS.Assuming routers are in INIT state and going through all stages until FULL in OSPF or reaching the decision phase in ISIS.When neutralizing a...

yaroneis by Beginner
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Thank Georg Pauwen

Thanks for your help Georg.But today there is a disaster, some one hacked into my router and changed my password, some more, denied all out going traffic. My company network was down for the whole day. Bad luck is today I have an exam, just got time ...

caleb_xin by Beginner
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Need help from experts

Hi, I have a problem of my WAN IP address, please help me.bellow is my IP:WAN ConnectionsRouter Serial Port IP (ISP Site) : Serial Port IP (Installation site) : Number : LAN ConnectionsNetwork...

caleb_xin by Beginner
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VPN with access to Internet

Hi All, I have a VPN between my NOC and a remote point, I want that the internet access (browse, mail etc) of my user in the remote point use the proxy of my NOC, I need that they use the internet of my NOC.I need to control the access to Internet, a...

Cisco Pix Setup with Router

Hi Everybody, I have setup a soho network. I have a Pix 501 Firewall and a linksys wireless g Router. My question is , which would be my first line of defence, Router-->PIx-->Lan or Pix-->Router-->lan

mteoli by Beginner
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