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Resolved! Static route trouble

Hello everyone I have a topology with 5 routers, 1 in the center and 2 routers on each side, see attached .pkt file in .zip format below.  I have to use static routes for this assignment so that I can ping from either side of the network to the hosts...

Router must support PCP

Hi, We have routers that have information ecrypted via TACLANE, the only part unencrypted is the PCP.We are looking for a router that must support PCP. Preferably virtualized router, but if it's phycial, switch should be ruggedized. Thank you.

Delabh by Beginner
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Unable to delelte file from rootfs

I'm trying to delete file from rootfs: on NCS5500 but can't: path outside filesystem disallowing access any thought?del rootfs:harddisk:6.3.3Fri Jun 5 15:44:41.505 UTCdelete : /harddisk:6.3.3 : path outside filesystem disallowing access

ys173p by Beginner
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Hi, I am trying to utilize DLEP with the EIGRP routing algorithm. If I query the system with "sh dlep neighbors," I see the correct CDR(Current Data Rate) for two radios connected with DLEP to the router, one having a data rate half of the other one....

Akan by Beginner
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Cisco packet tracer login

When i click on the sign in to cisco packet tracer nothing happens. I am not sure what to do. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Also rebooted my laptop.  

gserrano by Beginner
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Packet Tracer: Setting secondary ip address

I am using version  I am trying to set secondary ip address.  I tried multilayer switches and routers available in the given components.  Setting primary ip is not a problem.  But when I try to set a secondary IP address, it gives error. ...