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Resolved! ACL Trouble

Hello there please help me, I'm learning about ACL and using the standard in the trials that I do. I think it works but it's different from what I expected, I want the server to ping the client but the client can't ping the server and what I get is t...

Piers by Beginner
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Resolved! C891 encapsulation failed

Trying to setup soho internet with C891 to Verizon ONT(FiOS) but receiving encapsulation failed in debug ip packet. Config and debug log below:version 15.3!ip dhcp excluded-address!ip dhcp pool InsideDHCP import all network 19...

Resolved! Usage of route map (match interface)

Is there any useful case of “ match interface “ in route-map other than usage in NAT .And I aslo want to know how “match interface”cmd  work . I mean , Does this command work for checking interface or mapping interface to appropriate route ? 

Cisco One license Question

May I know that the product “C1F1PISR4400SK9” was obsolete in CCW ???below is the error message alerts in CCW Error message: SW Support (SWSS) is no longer available for this Cisco ONE perpetual License. Please purchase the DNAC1 or ACIC1 subscriptio...

Resolved! Help- 2821 Router direct setup to ISP

Hello,Im trying to configure my Cisco 2821 router with a direct connection to Comcast. I use my own modem= Cisco DPC3008. So far, I have configured the basics. From the 2821 router, I cannot successfully resolve websites or internal hosts by name, bu...

mikemendo by Beginner
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Static IP Route Definition/Configuration

Hi everyone, I would like to establish a connection between two subnets. There are two subnets: one of them is 192.170.x.x/16 and the other one is 192.168.x.x/16. I could not establish it with the IP route commands. I also added the packet tracer fil...

MUSTAFA3 by Beginner
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Routing with VLAN

Hi,  I have a Cisco 897 VA.The WAN interface is connected to my pfSense (LAN, the pfSense address is my router, the WAN interface IP address is I would like to have two VLAN (10 and 20) with an Internet access (wit...

Portus92 by Beginner
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