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Resolved! Router selection

I need assistance in selecting a router that has the following interfaces.Qty (6) Ethernet all 10Base-T (2) LAN connections (2) Internet Connections (1) to WI-FI (802.11B) reciever (1) to Satellite TerminalQty (1) Analog for...

Djones11 by Beginner
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Multihomed BGP - 100% Link Load

Hi !I am running into troubles in a multihomed BGP setup.(GRX Backbone - private network for mobile operators exchanging their GPRS roaming traffic)one link (Link1) is completely saturated (RX Load)- whereas the load of the other link (Link2) is near...

BGP Local policy Denied Prefixes

I have an IP-VPN BGP network. I have a CE router and PE router running eBGP.On teh CE router I have some static routes configured that are not appearing on the PE router, although the CE router says it is advertising them.Looking at the PE router BGP...

tsalt by Beginner
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Measure / Analyze traffice on a 17xx router

Hi,I've got a cisco 17xx router with a 2MB connection and some branch offices connected with VPN tunnels to this router.Since a few days we have some annoying delays.Since the router is the only device between the LAN and the internet, what commands ...

RIP coverage

Hello everyoneI've a question.Router A is connected to B Router B is connected to CRouter C is connected to AUsing RIP i would like my router A to take route B to reach destination CIt should not use the obvious path A-C to reach C directly.Static ro...

fhameed21 by Beginner
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bridging interfaces

helloI have a 2600/3600 router with 2 LAN interfaces. my customer told, we can bridge these 2 interfaces and logically make it as 1 interface on layer 3.. can this be done ? any configs ? how else can bridging be useful on routers ?

Backup interface configuration

Dear AllI have cisco 1721 router with onr serial interface and two ethernet interface. My network is connected to one ethernet interface. Other ethernet interface is connected to VSAT. Serial interface is connected to ISP. Now I need to route my all ...

anand_vns by Beginner
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FR connection going up/down!!!

My H.O and B.O have Frame-Relay connection.Today the traffic became very slow.When I checked my H.O FR router, I saw that the serial subinterface is going up and down. So the FR PVC is also going to INACTIVE and ACTIVE.What can be the problem. Is thi...

riju by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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How do I bridging two vlans across WAN?

I have a routed network, but I have a need to bridge two vlans together. What is the best method to do this? Here is a sample config I wrote, but I don't think it will work -jasonbegin hostname 3825 int ser0/0.1 point-to-point encap hdlc ip address...

jraarons by Beginner
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OSPF summary problem

I only have one OSPF area 0diagram likeR1---area 0----R2R2 has huge connected routes, just like loop10,11,12........ totally around 2000 connected routes.this 2000 connected routes were redistributed to area 0the problem is, because the 2000 routes a...

Cisco 804 Site to site VPN?

Hey folks,Planning on doing a site to site IPSec VPN with 2 804's (ISDN).Anyone have a sample config? Its been yonks sinceI set up any ISDN, I'm kinda rusty.Any help appreciated!0r8it

0r8it by Beginner
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