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Dear group members, I am asking you for help with my Cisco ASR1004. Well, I use the device as a BGP and BRAS router on the network. The network is not very big - it is about 4,000. users. The problem is that the device refuses to obey after a few hou...

Hi all...again! I have another question which I think is an easy one but I have not come across this yet in my short lived network career. We have an existing network which we use for data. I am trying to add a new network ...

Resolved! BGP flapping

Can BGP flap becasue of an over utilized interface? If so why would it flap? Is it becasue the hold timers are timing out? 

dtwoods83 by Level 1
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My company wants to implement bgp on a single router for dual ISP redundancy for a branch warehouse, we don’t have BGP with the ISP we have a 1G internet line from provider 1 and 500Mpbs from provider 2.Now Do I need to call my isp to have BGP so the...

Team; I am unable to pingFrom Router 2 I cannot ping Router 3 I cannot ping Router 3 I cannot ping Router 4 I cannot ping have attached the configuration please help.

Noob22 by Level 1
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