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 R5 has been learning from R710 via EIGRP and being redistributed to IS-IS.(R5 redistribute configuration "redistribute EIGRP 100 metric 100 metric-type external level-1")R6 has one of the loopbacks interface with IP address 200.20...


Hi teamif we have 20 sites, each site has connected to ISP thru L3VPN , how can we build ospf between sites as each one in different subnet even there is reachability   

I'm trying to make sure I understand the full capability of using the "ip routing" command on a L3 switch. Enabling "ip routing" ONLY enable inter-vlan routing assuming the SVI of the switch is the gateway of the VLAN. If I have some switch down the ...

I have VPDN set up on a router with IOS 15 also running overloaded NAT (PAT).  The tunnel is L2TP/PPTP. VPN is currently split tunnel and working.  I need to enable full tunnel.  When I changed the tunnel on the client side to route everything throug...

We are planning to purchase ASR 1001-HX Router because of the 10 GE ports. We were quoted for four FLSA1-HX-2X10GE and we only need four 10 GE ports. What I understand on the link below is that ASR by default, the first 4 ports on bay 0 and bay 1 can...

Dear Community,   I am sure this particular scenario has been hashed and rehashed a million times, but I wanted to make my own post to make sure I am understanding it correctly. Please see the following BGP output:   Router1#show ip bgpBGP table vers...

I'm currently working with this catalyst switch and was looking for a TCL code which outputs the total daily uptime of each port. Can anyone help me find a code that achieves this?

Ziad03 by Level 1
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Hello, I'll explain the situation to you:I have a cisco router at the heart of the network, and I provide transit to some clients via BGP.The problem is that some of my customers sometimes advertise their prefixes to me, and sometimes through another...

Hi All, I am having difficulty creating a proper IPSEC NAT-T configuration for my C1117-4PLTEEA ISR router running Cisco IOS XE17.03 nat-t'ing to the local siemens ruggedcom firewall. I have created the dynamic nat rules that allow outgoing internet ...

fastkyle by Level 1
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As I read in documents , in case of BGP RIB failure , it do advertise RIB failure route to their peers but I tested in lab (eveng ) RIB failure prefix is not getting advertise to their peer (i have not used suppress inactive command ).. pls find the ...