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Hi all, This one has stumped me for quite some time - long enough for me to go to the effort of actually doing some documentation!   In a pinch, I need to do hairpin NAT from the internal VLAN 1 hosts, to the external NAT addresses on two of the link...

Tristan G by Beginner
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Hi,Experts,     we found some logging message on CRS ios-xr     umass-enum[95]:USB:cannot open /dev/usb00:No such file or directory     we want to suppress this logging message , and found document:

fly by Explorer
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I cant get my laptops to connect outside their particular LAN.I did a ip nat outside for the trunks attached to the router, example eth3/0. None of the links on the switch to the laptop fa0/2, fa0/1, fa0 allow to be marked as "ip nat inside" I was ab...

myates123 by Beginner
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I recently purchased a tactical kit which includes a Cisco phone, Cisco 819 router, and an Aruba access point which is between the phone and the router.  The issue I need help with is I need the router to pass through internet to the other Ethernet p...

koltl by Beginner
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hi , i have asr1006 with IOS XE i try to use NBAR for QOSi enable it in interface ingress traffic ! interface Port-channel1.27 description ISP encapsulation dot1Q 27 ip address X,X,X,X.2 ip nbar protocol-discovery endbut the NBAR ...

Hello everyone, I have a cisco ISR4221, when i boot on console the only message shown is "xx~hecking for PCIe device presence...done" then nothing i tried changing the baud rate but it wont work is there anyway aroubnd this?i have attached a screensh...


Pls, refer to the document to answer the question.R1 is in different AS, R2 is in different AS.My router R has connections to both AS.Imagine: (Determine route from R to AS)1. Next hop is reachable2. Local preference is the default value which is 100...

Aneek by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP problem

i can't ping from r1 to r6 or vice versa although this routes exist in the routing tables create pingable AS1 ---------------------- conf t hostname R1 int s2/0 no sh ip add int s 2/1 no sh ip add

Screenshot (20).png Screenshot (21).png Screenshot (22).png Screenshot (23).png

 I am having 2 issues in this lab. R1 and the NXOSv are running BGPOn the Nexus the eBGP is running inside the VRF “TEST”R2 is running EIGRP with the NXOSv (Global table of the NXOSv) Issue 1: I am unable to leak EIGRP routes in the BGP – I do not se...