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Hi Freinds  where is the Lic file for the below Feature , i couldn't find it on the Local Flash , i need to upgrade the Current IOS c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.154-3.M5.bin , License Info:License UDI:-------------------------------------------------Devi...

Hello.  I am attaching a lab network diagram for something I need to implement. All Cisco routers.   GOAL:Local site subnet needs to talk to Remote site subnet and, and vice versa. Local side subnet 192...

RSTP by Level 1
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Hi all,I would like to set up traffic engineering on a DMVPN network. Please Can someone help me find the commands to enable this feature on an mGRE tunnel. I found how to do it on a point to point GRE tunnel but I'm having trouble setting it up on a...

clukongo by Level 1
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I have a 1941 operating with a backup 3/4G Cellular and a primary WAN interface.My issue is related to the DNS from my 3/4G interface persisting well after the interface is shutdown. The Show hosts indicated 4 DNS entries when I'm running my primary ...

ManIDE661 by Level 1
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Hello, I have 2 queries, faced often while doing production operations.  1. BGP : How one should come to know that each individual bgp received  route is available in bgp table since how much/how long time?? we never come to know exact when peer side...

SandyYad by Level 1
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hi Team I have some questions about BGP if you please :1- if we have in our environment BGP domain one cluster for two RR, and as we know RR once receive a packet will generate two attributes to prevent loop ( originator and cluster list ) so now wha...

Good day, I have a topology (figure attached) where routers 1 and 2 (Cisco 1921 K9 SEC) connect to two different ISPs and are configured in an HSRP group so they provide WAN redundancy to the LAN side.they also server ad VPN end points that provide 2...

Hello everyone,I was trying to make some nat exercises on CML but I have issues with the inside interfaces. I made a 5 switches topology using routed interfaces and connecting one of them to my local gateway for external connectivity. I set the inter...


 R5 has been learning from R710 via EIGRP and being redistributed to IS-IS.(R5 redistribute configuration "redistribute EIGRP 100 metric 100 metric-type external level-1")R6 has one of the loopbacks interface with IP address 200.20...


Hi teamif we have 20 sites, each site has connected to ISP thru L3VPN , how can we build ospf between sites as each one in different subnet even there is reachability