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Verification of protocol binding

I have a Cisco RV042G router, set up for load balancing on two equal Internet connections.  I have set up protocol binding to route specific traffic from the local LAN for certain IP ranges/ports onto specific WANs.  One reason I needed to do this is...

Irv72 by Beginner
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Resolved! Routing ASA to ISR to Switch

Current ASA configuration is working for Internet for network but I want the others to work as well. So what I want to do next is feed the Firewall to the ISR which is then feeding my switch.On my Firewall on E0/2 I have 25...

Resolved! Assistance with automatic fail-over route

I need some assistance configuring an automatic failover/backup route.  My network has a primary ISP that connects to an ASA at one location and a backup ISP that connects to another ASA at a different location.  Currently, if our primary ISP link go...

ssuttle1 by Beginner
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Configuring static NAT

Hello Everyone im new to working in cisco enviroment recently i configure a cisco router for the customer and i configured NAT outside on the uplink interface which is coming from ISP and configured NAT inside on the LAN interface with ip address 192...

ADI.07 by Beginner
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OSPFv3 border router from same path

Topology:                          RID:       C1    -    C2                -                    |     / \    |                           |             /\        |                         W1        W2                  0.0.0...

Please help me to configure below network topology.

Hi, can someone help me to configure this topology mean what should i configure like what IGP and EGP protocol and where to configure. please educate me for what all are technology will be configure in topology in best way.please also let me know in ...

JAIRAM by Beginner
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NAT outside to multI Pool

Hello i have two subnet public ip's first : 91.x.x.x/25second : 185.x.x.x/24 i have now create   ip nat pool FirstPool x.x.x.131 x.x.x.x.250 prefix-length 25 ip nat inside source list 1 pool FirstPool overloadaccess-list 1 permit 0.255.255....

Prioritizing Video for Sign Language Interpreters.

Greetings Cisco Community,We have a video image quality problem with Cisco Z70 over the ZVRS website,(ZVRS provides sign language interpreters for about 20 of our hearing-impaired employees.) The video image randomly breaks up and is un-viewable. Thi...

H_Auten11 by Beginner
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Cisco 881 4g connection

Hi Folks, I have a 881 router configured to use for 4g access. It is normally good, but often, when the 4g connection drops due to no been in use, etc, it can be very slow to reconnect. Often the only way to reconnect the 4g connection is reboot the ...

Noel Healy by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! OSPFv3 E2 routes always preferred from same path

Topology:   CORE1 --L3-- CORE2      |           x            |      | /         L3        \|  WAN1                  WAN2      |                          |MPLS-BGP         DMVPN-EIGRP WAN1 OSPFv3: redistribute bgp 65000 metric 150 tag 1000 route-map B...