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Finding accurate answers to your questions and issues is always gratifying, but what if these answers are shared globally across different languages? The Cisco Community team has been working on a proof of concept (PoC) to take Accepted Solutions in...

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Kelli Glass by Community Manager
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Hello all, We have a 7507 w/ RSP4/256M and a VIP-2-50 w/ CT3 card running rsp-pv-mz.123-11.T3.bin. The CT3 card is plugged into an Adtran MX2800 DS3 mux. The Adtran is used to consolidate DS1 circuits from various carriers into a single Channe...

Hi.I have a 2811 ( CO ) with a 4-wire SHDSL interface connected back-to-back over a leased line to a 1841 ( CPE ). I have the line-rate set at 4608kbs and it works fine with no errors on the SHDSL interfaces.I then connected my lap to the 1841 f0/0. ...

ingi by Level 1
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Hi,Is it possible to define a range of ports, when configuring PAT to allow external Users access to an Internal Server ?E.g. I want anyone hitting the external interface address on ports 10000-20000 to be forwarded to an inside IP address on the sam...

mnlatif by Level 3
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Hi All,My new enquiry has to do with bandwidth allocation.My scenario is as follows:I am situated at the main site.My router is connected to other routers-sites, site A and site B. The connections are 256 Kbps and 2Mbps.My main site router is also co...

dukenukem by Level 1
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HiI have a router in OSPF debug mode.I received the message:OSPF: Rcv packet from src not on the same networkWhat it means that?Thanks in advance for your help

v.nastase by Level 1
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Hi,I have a Cisco 2610XM router in my working premise. We have planned to install 10 IP Phones in our premise. Can i deploy this solution without the use of any Cisco CallManager software ? What IOS do i need to have in my Router? Also we want the us...

ayram23 by Level 1
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I have the new cisco 1841 router with 1 ethernet and 1 serial WAN interface card connected to a leased line modem. I noticed something weird while doing some troubleshooting.If I unplug the LL modem, I can still ping the serial interface while I am t...

we have 2611 series router and have a ethernate in it. Now we want to upgrade it to fast ethernet, so I want to know which 12.3 series IOS will be compatible to it and what is the size of the file? How much the size of the flash and RAM is recomended...

I have a tunnel interface that goes through satellite bandwidth simulator. The link is a 1.9 meg. The delay is set to 580 ms round trip. I have a ftp server connected to the router on one end of the link and a ftp client on the other end. My ftp ...

jhiggins by Level 1
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I am having an issue with a Cisco 1721 router. I recently obtained this through unit supply and we have been having a problem with the router staying up and running. The router reboots repeatedly and indefinitely unless left unplugged for 20 minutes ...

I am going to being using a Cisco 3745 Router as a T1 server to run around 16 or so point-to-point T1 circuits.Is there any difference in using the NM-4T with external CSU/DSUs versus the NM-2W and the WIC-2T with external CSU/DSUs? Also, does it ma...

nstahlman by Level 1
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