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Resolved! GIANTS on Catalyst 6880 and 6500 MPLS-Ports when connected to a Catalyst 9300 or 9500

Hi there,we are migrating our "old" MPLS-Backbone to Catalyst 9500 / 9300. During this Migration we remarked, that the neighbors (Catalyst 6500 and 6880) are increasing the giants count… I hope somebody can help finding out what is going wrong. Thank...

Squid Proxy Server with Cisco Router

Dear All!I need some guide to configure squid proxy server with cisco router.I have 1 Cisco router installed in our network CIsco 3845. IP is Proxy Server is in our LAN Network IP is I want to configure it. I want all...

rv345 ARP Proxy

Hi there, I am having issues when disabling NAT on the rv345. I am no networking guru so bear with me here. My setup looks like this:+---------+ +----------+ +-----+ | | | ...

l33t by Beginner
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KEYMAT use for?

From RFC IKE 2409.In Phase 2 Quick Mode:-Initiator Responder----------- -----------HDR*, HASH(1), SA, Ni[, KE ] [, IDci, IDcr ] -->                                  <-- HDR*, HASH(2), SA, Nr                                          [, KE ] [, IDci, I...

Ravi_916 by Beginner
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Issue with netbios

Kindly can help me with that issue , actually i'm trying to block the netbios on cisco 4300 router.i already applied this few command : ip access-list extended NETBIOSdeny tcp any any eq 135deny udp any any eq 135deny tcp any any range 137 139deny ud...

Resolved! Internet Edge Router Configuration

Hello, I've been researching best-practice configurations for ISP facing Router Interfaces.  Recommendations vary and I'd really like some advice.  My configuration is simple..  I have a router that will connect my LAN to the internet (Outside interf...

Resolved! BGP Routes not showing

What could be the problem when BGP route from vIOS9 is not showing multiple paths to vIOS6, vIOS4, vIOS8, while both paths to is showing in vIOS2 and vIOS3. Below are the config as well. vIOS6#sh run | sec bgprouter bgp 20...

mimarop@ by Beginner
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