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Hi. I bought a ISR 1111-8p for testing and i want to set the wan port with this parameters PPPoATM (or PPPoA or PPP Over ATM);VPI=8; VCI=35; encapsulation VC-Mux (sended me by ISP)I want to apply these commands taken here

Lf379 by Beginner
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I'm no Cisco regular but a client asked me to establish a VPN connection between their sites so I thought, this shouldn't be hard...Cisco 2900 series at the main site with a public IP address and 172.16.x.x/24 internal net.SonicWall at the remote sit...

secured2k by Beginner
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Dear all,  I'm writing regarding a problem I'm facing with a brand new ISR 4451-X/K9 router .I desperately need to reset the router to factory default configuration. The problem is, I can't break the boot sequence properly, and everytime I try, it pr...

AK59 by Beginner
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I have a question regarding licenses on ISR4321/K9.  I received a router that seems to have been upgraded with the uck9 license.  UCk9 shows as permanent, but IPBase seems to be missing.  It is listed as none.  See output below.  Is this normal opera...

Hello all, Default routing not working in WS-C2960X-24TS-L, as below configuration. Switch Ports Model SW Version SW Image------ ----- ----- ---------- ----------* 1 30 WS-C2960X-24TS-L 15.2(7)E0a C2960X-UNIVERSALK9-MConfiguration register is 0xFSwit...

Hello,We were scanning our network and found a strange subnet, which we dont have in our networkThe subnet is and there are some ports open on some IPs, for example 80We started to dig deeper and found 3 mac addresses, associated with all...

fgasimzade by Enthusiast
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I have a test network I am using for my CCNA. I have a Cisco 2811 router, 2 Cisco 2960 switches, 1 domain controller and 1 member server. I have NTP configured as master on the 2811 router.  The switches and the servers are configured as NTP clients....

NTP no good.png
Clay Plaga by Participant
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