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HI, everyone how can I use PTBridge I mean how setup and install ....etc, [ I need to ping from the packet tracer to my real router in the home].?

Alsaeed10 by Level 1
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In some sites we simply have an ACL applied inbound on our WAN interfaces allowing what we want in/back.   But for some reason I have an issue with Meraki APs and the traffic coming back. This is the ACL that is applied:Extended UP access list ALLOW-...

Question, if I have a router setup as DHCP server and I also give that router an IP helper address will it provide host in that subnet an IP address and also forward a request to the IP listed under the IP helper command? Scenario is host receive IP ...

Hello Team, We are seeing that on Cisco ASR 920-10SZ-PD Route, there is one screw are installed at left side as as per the attache photo, so can please guide us what is the roll of the screw ??/and can we remove from the router ??? Regards,Sohel juja...

We have a cisco 7941 mark aip phone. We have installed software from Tftp on this phone. We also uploaded the SEPxxx.nff.xml file, but we could not run it at all, it doesn't get a line, I wonder where we're doing it wrong. How to install for Turkey

Hi Everyone, I am 100% sure I did not phrase the question correctly but pleas allow me to explain.I have connected two branches together. i.e. HQ and branch. Branch can use and receive internet through some ACLs defined on the Cisco router. The probl...

There are a few conflicting information on CCO.  I am not able to confirm if ASr1002-X series router has 10Gb Ethernet support.  I know it doesn't have built-in 10Gb port like HX series, but 1002-X series does support 3 SPA modules.  Can each of thes...

abbasali5 by Level 1
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Resolved! DHCP entre Vlan

Hola Comunidad,  Por favor tengo el siguiente esquema de red, con el switch Cisco SG350X-48P 48-Port es decir 3 equipos de red, tengo el principal como core donde se alojan rutas y vlan, ahi se conectan servidores y firewall etc. Lo que quiero saber ...


Hi AllJust a quick question, if we are to move from a mpls with ISR4K routers to an SDWAN solution, viptela etc.What would be the best way to start with minimal interruption?Would you add the HQ main device in first? does viptela use ipsec tunnels be...

So, I am somewhat stumped on this problem. We have a Cisco 1921 Router's Gi0/0 interface connected to a Gigabit switch port. On the other side of the router we have a 300mbps MPLS circuit. Our servers are downstream from the Switch and our remote sit...

Hello! Im not sure if I hit the right title but please spare me some time to explain.Here it is.I have a LAN with prefix and a server. Below trace displays that the GW of LAN is What im trying to figure out is h...

carloade by Level 1
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