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Hi Guys, I have this scenario in my project for IPTV multicast routing : Streamer(udp)----6509 core----2960 access---STB I configured the core and edge switch to route the multicast and multicast udp IPs is working only within the IPTV vlan but I wan...

Greetings, I am trying to get gre tunnel working and eventually with ipsec. My problem is that I cannot get the gre tunnel working. I believe my configurations to be correct. I have EIRGP neighbor adjacency among the other prerequisites configured an...

I use a Cisco 9000 router I have a issue with a client, everything works fine. I have a 10G interface, we have created two sub-interfaces (VLAN2 and VLAN 3) the ping test works well and we use a loopback interface for the session bgp my issue is that...

Abdoulka by Beginner
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 Guys, Few days ago our Primary ISP had an issue in one NIC of its Core Routers. Due to that we started receiving packet loss (50%) and VPN point-to-point tunnels bouncing. In our environment the solution was shutdown MANUALLY the interface (which is...

amalitol81 by Beginner
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Hello, There is a Cisco router configured by another IT guy with specified addresses from ISP, now the problem is that the ISP give us new net mask and default gateway addresses, so what i did was changing the following addressesold ISP address -ip a...

dneb by Beginner
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Hello Guys. i have cisco asa 5505 Security adaptive firewall. my inside network is . i want to add static  route another network i have that network id is . 8 Ports deEth 0/0  ====== Outside     ...

HI Engineers.i want to configure multiple HSRP and give each group of users a different gateway, so how can I configure a DHCP server on Cisco router or Switch to give a gateway to each group of usersEX:users>get...

Hello Guys,I'm facing a issue with PE-CE routing in BGP.On PE router my bgp neighborship it's showing IDLE and on CE router everything is fine , apart from this my routes are not advertised from one PE router to another PE router. Need Help. PE-1 Rou...

I have a 2nd user account setup in the router but I cannot log in through this user.  I have saved changes each time and results in nothing when I try to log in through anything but the cisco admin account.  I have read and seen some articles on how ...

Battscom by Beginner
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I'm setting up BFD between some 3850s and Juniper firewalls and we're using RIP. I'm looking at the BFD configuration guide and it doesn't have a section on configuring RIP. We currently have BFD setup using OSPF and it seems that you have an option ...

ckronk by Beginner
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I have two issues with BGP route leaking on NX-OS running 7.x code. This is the first time I've tried to do any serious route leaking. I'm leaking routes between VRFs on R1, and on R1 I see the subnet in the BGP table for the destination VRF.  Howeve...

jmeggers by Beginner
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