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I have a Nexus 9300 switch that has my guest network on it.  I do not want to route this network on the Nexus because of security reasons so I won't put an address on it. I will route the L3 traffic with my Cisco ASA.1. Will the switch forward the DH...

HiR1 edge router in client is connected to ISP1 and R2 edge router in this client is connected to ISP2 router. We configure local preference and AS-path on the two routers R1 and R2 respectively to control the bgp load sharing between the two router ...

Leftz by Enthusiast
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Hi All, I want to know what is this bug -CSCwc99652 related with as I cannot see the details of in in cisco bug website.Is this bug fixes by code 17.9.3 ? What is the severity of this bug,

Hi,We will be changing the route reflector server location from one site to another. Hence, I also need to move the loopback IP from one site to another. By doing this, I need to update all the clients (they all have peering with the RR loopback IP's...

Hello WCCP Experts,I am running WCCP on CSR1000V on VMware. The HTTPS traffic is not being redirected.Interface IP-Address OK? Method Status ProtocolGigabitEthernet1 YES NVRAM up upGigabitEthernet2 YES NVRAM up upGigabitEthernet3...

onibala by Beginner
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Resolved! Strange BGP issue

I have two data centres and one of them connects upstream and receives the full internet routing table this is then forwarded via iBGP to the other Data-Centre (Don't worry about if this is good practice or not, it is configuration I have inherited a...

CliveG by Beginner
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HISee diagram, so we want to set up another ipsec vpn on the network on the left which is our other DC, how could we set this up so if the network wasnt available on the network on the right (DC1) then the routingwould dynamically poi...

benolyndav by Enthusiast
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Hi  firstly apologies for this question I cannot get my head round the WAN stub site command.  I get the stub router function, and benefits etc.  But every time I read about wan stub site, it throws me and I dont get it.  If its some sort of stub co...

morph.andy by Beginner
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