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Hi, I recently upgraded a pair of 5515-Xs to 9.2.2 for BGP functionality but found that allowas-in doesn't appear to be a valid command.  The ASAs are in a data center outside of the country so there's no point to point/MPLS connectivity, just using ...

Does a router treat connected vs non-connected routes differently with RIPv2 from a summarization perspective? I would have said no, but testing says otherwise.   Let's assume I've got 3 routers and they are all configured with auto-summary enabled, ...

nonamer15 by Beginner
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Buenos días.  Intento realizar un ping de a, pero no tengo respuesta ( icmp_seq = 93 timeout).Intento realizar un ping de a, pero no tengo respuesta.La PC-2 puede realizar ping a SW2....


Do you recommend using of recursive lookup in a static routing? What is the disadvantage and advantages of it.I have a static route and the next hop is not directly connected to it. The next hop IP address was learned via EIGRP and it is currently in...

Resolved! 450X support

Hello all ,I wanna to renew cisco support for two Catalyst 4500 WS-C4507R-E & WS-C4507R with lower cost.I know that 4500 is End of sale and support but is there any way.Thanks in advance.

Hi Team,   I have setup wherein I have two CE (A & B) routers connected back to back and running ospf. Both these CE are connected to one PE (A & B ) each and running eBGP with them. I am also running ibgp between the CE's along with ospf. Now I am r...

Hi there, We try to use a Cisco 819G 4G LTE ISR with a Verizon sim card. The 819G should be the backup for an existing cable connection. We configured it and are able to ping to the internet from the 819G. If we now try to use the backup from the in...

fdiedrich by Beginner
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wan redundancy and internet redundancy   wan and internet redundencys Hi guys, while i am useing two wan connections and two internet connections (four separate connections ). Q 1 how i should configure wan redundancy with hsrp.  ...

rammon by Beginner
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Hello,   For some too-long-to-explain reasons, I have to deploy a, let’s face it, quite weird architecture. A very simplified diagram is enclosed. To summarize, each site has two WAN accesses. These WAN accesses have to be completely separated, even ...