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Good Morning I have a new call it a distribution site with a PBX that will provide SIP trunking to a few stub locations.  This new network will have a Cisco isr4431 router with a 3750G Switch Stack with a MPLS Carrier, ESIP Provider (one with a DIA D...


Hi All, I have CISCO7606-S chassi running with "c7600rsp72043-adventerprisek9-mz.122-33.SRE8.bin" were am using " RSP720-3C-GE " .Had observed the below error while executing "sh mls qos module 5" #sh mls qos module 5The module in slot: 5 is not a Di...

Robo123 by Beginner
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Resolved! EIGRP over NAT

Hello everyone, i have an issue with a remote location, accessible for me from 2 providers, to make it work, i use EIGRP on both linked, i used bandwidth and delay to make the links have the desired order on my hub router, the issue is that i use NAT...

Shtou by Beginner
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Hi everyone I have cisco switchs does anyone know how on the WAN interface you can view the ip address that you received from your ISP? Image already added      

pcfreak49 by Beginner
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Hi Experts,I would like to check, what is this TTL means?When i ping from main office to branch office user network range, it gives me TTL=253,(which i believe is normal)..But when i ping from branch office to main site, the TTL only 125.Why it is so...

cindylee27 by Beginner
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I have a following situation:   A spoke router connected to a ADSL modem and a dialer interface configured (to obtain internet connectivity) Tunnel interface which connects to the DMVPN Hub router usin dialer interface. Now all the traffic from inter...

Forgive me if this is already answered elsewhere.  If so, please link me to that answer.  I want to turn the wifi radio completely off.  All traffic would only be through ethernet ports. How do I do that?My guess is that I'm overlooking something ver...

Resolved! BGP Question

Hi,   Can someone explain to me what's the use and effect of the config below.    neighbor x.x.x.x filter-list 1 out ip as-path acces-list 1 permit ^$   Thanks a lot!

Brombeee by Beginner
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