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Hello,This is my first time posting in this forum, so i hope im in the correct discussion area.I am looking for guidance on how to -#1. Exempt host(s) from filtering thru the GRE tunnel?#2. Only exempt hosts(s) from filtering thru the GRE tunnel when...

lhalca by Level 1
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Quick question, we just upgraded our circuit from 50M to a 600M circuit and I just noticed that the bandwidth settings on my WAN interface are still at 45000. Does my internal WAN interface have to match the service providers and must I change it to ...

Hello,I have a Cisco C881 router (part number C881-K9) installed at remote site.I configured LAN with DHCP server, WAN, GRE over IPsec VPN tunnel for communication with HQ, EIGRP routing protocol.The router is installed and operational with no valid ...

AI99 by Level 1
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Hi all, This is my first post, please be gentle. I have 3 routers (All ISR4321 routers) with these configs:  ---------------R1-----------------int s0/1/0ip add frame-relayno frame-relay inverse-arpframe-relay map ip 10.1.1....

akafinal by Level 1
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Hi I have two issues with my routes on the Switches in the distribution layer and I want to know if there are some protocols can solve those problems. Diagram of the network  Explanation of the Escenario:The arrows show the path that 2 different endp...

Diagrama en blanco.png

Hi, I was reviewing the running config for a new router, and found an entry I don't understand what it does nor how it got there. I can only think that the http server somehow put it in when I was using that. Can anyone explain what this does, and wh...

ktravis02 by Level 1
  • 7 replies
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Our current Core router setting:3750 sw -> Meraki MS450 Lan port ->Firewall ( classlessip route ip http serverno ip http secure-server My question is does the core switch 3750 need to have a direct p...

abee by Level 1
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Hello, I am trying to follow the following guide to config win 10 remote access vpn to asa 5506 on But the issue is when I a...

Talha by Level 1
  • 13 replies
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Hello Community,I am troubleshooting a QoS issue. The packets is arriving in the far end without DSCP marking, so I am trying to find if the network is missing a trust anywhere.I never did something like that in a SUP2T, so, I would like to ask if th...

Hi All, Where can IP based cisco IOS images for L3 switches be downloaded from? I'd like to use them in GNS3. Thank you in advance,Tamas

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