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Make a backup route using another area in OSPF

Hi everyone!   First, sorry for my English is not good. I have a problem about backup route between 2 OSPF area. Let's say that I have a topo like picture below, how can I make the connection between R4 and R5 be the backup route for PC7 in case I lo...

MitsYara by Beginner
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xconnect unresolved status in CRS Router

Hi, I have a problem when creating xconnect from CRS router to 7606, the xconnect status always unresolved. The CRS and 7606 is directlyconnected and here is the configuration :  CRS Configurationl2vpn  pw-class test1  encapsulation mpls   transport-...

Resolved! Asa to Router to Switch

Hi all, I am trying to connect my Asa5508-x to my Cisco 4331 router which then I would like to connect to my Cisco SG550X-24MP switch, which I would like devices to be able to get out onto the internet.  If I remember right, its been a while, was it ...

Jah8887 by Beginner
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EIGRP to BGP Redistribution

Hi,   I have certain routes learnt in EIGRP and i need to redistribute into BGP. Please note that I have to  filter just specific routes from EIGRP to learn in BGP so I use route-map while re-destributing EIGRP to BGP to filter the prefixes.   I have...

OSPF + SDH + BFD Question/Problem

UPDATED!!!! (in this version i explain more accurate scenario)   Hi Everybody, I have this scenario: Router 1 is connected with Router 2 through an ethernet cable and Router 2 is connected with Router 3 through SDH devices as shown in the picture be...


What is "NAL PID" ?

 Hello all, During searching about 3650 L2 switch, I found that there were odd sentence "NAL PID for 3650 24 Data 1 Gig LB switch" In this sentence, I saw NAL first time. To describe it to my customer, I should be well-acquainted with it. Could you ...

Resolved! OSPF Load Balancing

Hi there  I would like to know how to configure OSPF to load balancing the routes from Router I through Router J and Router H evenly.  Thank you 

Undertaken by Beginner
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BGP dual Homed on different local routers

dears  have a good day  i have the following scenario, i have three internet providers ISP with three Links terminated on three different local routers ( ISP 1 ---> R1 , ISP2 ----> R2, ISP3 -----> R3 ), each ISP think he is alone ISP, and each ISP ma...

msaeedi by Beginner
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Resolved! why should i use both dns server isp and google dns or how to configure or which better ?

here u are the dhcp pool configuration why should i use both dns servers isp and google? can some one explain to me the below configuration ? each line need to know the explanation for it    ip dhcp relay information trust-all!ip dhcp pool voice impo...

amralrazzaz by Contributor
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Resolved! Metro Ethernet in DCI

Hello All - I am trying to understand the use of Metro Ethernet fundamentals and its usage as Datacenter Interconnect (DCI)   Question 1: Can i connect two Datacenters that are not located in Metropolitan areas using MetroEthernet?  Question 2: How M...