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 I’m in the process of setting up my new Cisco 891 Router for connection to the internet via BT Infinity Broadband. I’m also very new to the Cisco configuration command set and have pieced together what I feel is a workable solution from examples I’v...

GCannell by Level 1
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Resolved! OSPF router ID

a router configured with an OSPF router ID, but its IP address still reflects the physicalinterface. Which action can be taken to correct the problem in the least disruptive way? and why?Reloading the OSPF process or Specifying a loopback address

Hello All , I am really happy I'm finally part of cisco community , I've been working on packet Tracer since I started studying networks but as y'all know it's a bit limitted so I switched to GNS3, the only problem here is that I can't find cisco equ...

Mary:)am by Level 1
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Hi Guys,   Can you please help me to configure the IR829. Since I have no much experience on this devices.   We have the requirement to configure the gateway to make the cellular0 as an access point of internet as we are using a 4G LTE sim, and then ...

  BGP Route filtering methods  BGP updates can be controlled by using a numbers of different filtering methods. BGP updates can be filtered based on routes information, on paths information or on communities. All the methods will achieve the same res...

bgp distribution.png bgp prefix list.png

I have a site that must be stood up as LTE since the primary means of connectivity has been delayed.  I figured I could just use an ISR 4321 with a AT&T NIM-4G-LTE-NA cellular module since that carriers reception is excellent in this area.  I've had ...

Hi all,Am making the transition from an ASA to a Cisco ISR Router. Trying to figure out how to transition all my PAT rules from ASA format to ISR. On ASA I am doing PAT on a public IP to three different mail clients on my LAN. The public IP is on the...

CW7 by Level 1
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Hi all , I have cisco NCS-5001 ,, i tried to apply PBR on the sub-interface , but i can't do that's as you can see below .. So any advice or alternative method to apply it .. Thanks in advance  ipv4 access-list Test10 permit ipv4 any any!class-map ty...