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BGP | High Load Times on Some Sites

I’ve got two BGP AS’s that are used on my network. They are both located on the same Internet router.
AS1 has no issues, but AS2 has displayed some issues where some webpages load for longer than others. They have a much longer TTFB time (~15 seconds) compared to AS1 for the same site.
All the routes look good in BGP and physical handoff interfaces appear good too.
It doesn’t seem to be related to the physical interfaces but to the AS2 itself as a whole. Any IP in that block is having that issue.

Has anyone seen anything like this?

It appears like an issue with content providers, but the affected sites don’t appear to share hosts.

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Re: BGP | High Load Times on Some Sites



if both ASs are connected to the same router, what is the connection speed to both ? Is it the same ? Do you see any congestion on the interface connected to the 'slow' AS ?

And how are your clients connected to your ASs ? Share a map of your topology if possible...


Re: BGP | High Load Times on Some Sites

I just wanted to note that I stated that this was an issue between to different AS's, but it is one AS. I apologize. There is one AS with two networks on the AS. The issue is on network 2 out of the two networks. 


We are connected on both using a 10gig interface, and have even tried the same test interfaces for testing to isolate the issue.


The BGP does not appear to have any issues on the Internet router which is hosting the BGP sessions, and the handoffs look good to the core router. For simplicity, I just showed that we are using a 10 gig interface for each, because even in testing it doesn't matter on the same 10Gigabit interfaces (or any interfaces, on other handoffs, the network 2 still has the higher load times). 





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