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BGP route-map and prefix-list at the same time

What I am trying to accomplish is to use a route-map to apply a more generic policy to all my BGP customers (set routing attributes based on advertised communities for example, set communities for internal use, etc) and then apply a prefix list to limit the actual prefixes we exchange with a customer. I'm trying to avoid writing a long route-map for each customer that connects to us with a unique match ip prefix-list statement in each sequence, when in reality I need to apply a more global policy, and just limit which prefixes are exchanged once this global policy is applied.

Is this something that is possible in the 7600 series chassis? I know other vendors allow for multiple route-map statements to be applied to the same peer with the result on one, passed into the other, but I do not see this capability in the 7600.

I see that I can apply a route-map and a prefix-list at the same time, but the documentation I see lists an order of preference if both are applied. Does this mean that one 1 action is taken, or will this function as I've described above?

unfortunately, I don't habe a good lab that will allow me to test this, so hoping this is a known answer by someone, or someone has done/can do this in a lab really quickly.

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Re: BGP route-map and prefix-list at the same time

It worked for me:

router bgp 200

no synchronization

bgp log-neighbor-changes

network x.x.x.x mask     (network you want to distribute)

neighbor y.y.y.y remote-as 333

neighbor y.y.y.y description site-information

neighbor y.y.y.y ebgp-multihop 2

neighbor y.y.y.y timers 10 30

neighbor y.y.y.y next-hop-self

neighbor y.y.y.y soft-reconfiguration inbound

neighbor y.y.y.y route-map INBOUNDCONTROL  in

neighbor y.y.y.y route-map OUTBOUNDCONTROL out

route-map OUTBOUNDCONTROL permit 10

match ip address prefix-list ACLOUT


route-map INBOUNDCONTROL permit 10

match ip address prefix-list ACLIN

ip prefix-list ACLOUT seq 1 permit w.w.w.w/32

ip prefix-list ACLIN seq 1 permit k.k.k.k.k/32

In this example (configured on a 6509) - there's a route-map and a prefix-list filtering all routing information between this device and neighbor y.y.y.y (inbound and outbound).

It's working perfect for us!! Check if it help you!!

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Re: BGP route-map and prefix-list at the same time

Hi Ray,

IOS allows you to use the "continue" statement in a route-map to achieve the behavior with some other vendors you were referring to.

Please refer to the following document for more details and examples.


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