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Catalyst C8200 DNA License Tier for Non IPSEC traffic

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Hope everyone is doing well...  I've a quick question, for the Catalyst C8200 router, if I don't need IPSEC and just need IP forwarding with features like BGP and EIGRP,  since DNA License is mandatory can I order the lowest Tier0 licence?  As I understand (pls correct me if I'm wrong) the TierN is only relevent to cryto (IPSEC) traffic.  

Many thanks in advance folks... 

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Hi @edsiew1971 

 If you need IP forwarding with dynamic routing, you can consider basically DNA Essencial license.  But, the Tier will be related to the router capacity.





Now, you need to keep in mind that, by choosing DNA Essentials, in order to achieve 1G throughput, you need to have HSECK9 license it will give VPN capability anyway. If you need to go above 1giga, you need to choose Advanced or Premium along side with HSECK9.




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Thanks for the response.. I saw in this same document that there is a statement mentioning  

"For physical platforms (Catalyst 8200, 8300, and 8500 Series Edge Platforms), all references to “throughput” in this document refer to crypto throughput. Further, on physical platforms unencrypted throughput is unthrottled by default. "

So that's the confusing part.  With this statement we would interpret that the throughput table you attached is only applicable if there's crypto traffic, but if there's no crypto traffic then by default it'd be unthrottled i.e. theoretically 3.8Gbps. Does it make sense? 



I dont believe so. The print you show is probably from the Datasheet where they always show the available capacity "up to". But, when you go to the licensing part you realize that it not that simple.

  But you may check with some Cisco representative as it will be directly related to budget,

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Hi Flavio,

I'd probably have the thought as you if it's from the datasheet. But that statement I showed is from the

"Cisco Catalyst 8300 and Catalyst 8200 Series Edge Platforms Software Configuration Guide"

under the section "Throttled and Unthrottled Throughput"

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