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choosing a branch router



I should choose a router for ATM brances. we have many ATM that should use router for connecting them to core router.

the traffic in ATM is about 128 kbps. i want to choose a suitable router with a least price.



Julio E. Moisa
Events Top Contributor


The following link could be useful:

You could consider Cisco 4000 series.



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Thanks for your help but I think router 4000 is expensive for this situation
Joseph W. Doherty
Hall of Fame Expert

For a 128 Kbps, you might look over the ISR 800 series.


thank you for your response.


i check the 800 routers and seem that they get end of sale.

thats right?

only some of them are EOL certain models and types , 880s should be still good

Some of the older 800 models are EoS - but some models are still current. I wouldn't expect Cisco to have those go EoS until they have a replacement series, unless they consider SMB RV series such.


thank you so  much for your answer.


I search very much for findng the document in cisco site that say about the end of sale time for 800 series routers but I cant find a that.

is there any document?


A document for when they will announce EoS? If so, as far as I know, they don't pre-announce EoS before the actual EoS announcement.

A document for what's already been announced EoS? See

so when i need to check the eol i put in the exact model as example , i type in google exactly 887w eol
It brings the first page up

Then when i open it i can see None announced
Cisco 887W Integrated Services Router

Product Image Not Available
Specifications Overview
Series Cisco 800 Series Routers
Product ID
Status Orderable How to Buy
End-of-Sale Date None Announced
End-of-Support Date None Announced
Visio Stencil (757 KB .zip file)
Cisco Employee

Did you look at the ISR1000 series??


It is the new fixed series router with IOS XE.It is a bridge between classic IOS 800 series routers and the ISR4000s.There are multiple variants of the platform, based on the WAN/LAN connectivity options that customers want (DSL/GE WAN/4G LTE advanced/WLAN/Ethernet switch ports).

Let me know if you want to talk more about these routers,I am the platform product TME.