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Cisco 1811 questions before purchasing



We currently have a HS Internet connection w/static IP address coming into our office & plugging into a Cisco PIX 501. We want to get another HS Internet DSL connection from different carrier for redundancy.

1) Literature on the 1811 indicates that it can do load balancing as well as redundancy. Is this correct and I would be able "load balance" my traffic to make most efficient use of both connections, as well as having the fail over capability should one of the connections go down?

2) Is the security features on the 1811 similar to and equally as restrictive as my PIX 501, so that I can remove the PIX 501 from my office and move it to a new second location that we will be opening within 60 days? Or for best security does the PIX 501 need to stay in place behind the 1811 router?

3) If I move the PIX 501 to second location, I should be able to VPN between the PIX and the 1811 at the HQ correct?

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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

1, 2, 3: Yes yes and yes.

Really :)

Amit Singh
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

2.It will support almost all the features but still there will be a differnce between the capcbilities of both the boxes.

3. Yes only if you have atleast advanced security image on the 1811 router. Without this image it wont work.

-amit singh

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