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Cisco 3640 ME switch throughput issue

Hi, I am running into an issue on a Cisco 3640 ME switch.

Topology is

Customer LAN  ---- Customer Core switch --- 4 Gig Etherchannel—Cisco 3640 ME  ---100 Meg Link ---Remote site router 

If I do a file transfer from the remote site to the Customer LAN, all is good with a 98meg throughput, however if I do a file transfer from the Customer LAN to the remote site I only get a throughput of 45 Meg. I have check for the obvious half duplex issues etc. If I set the ports to 1Gig I do not get any issues, also if I set the ports connecting to the customer LAN to 100 meg, again no issues. This issues only occurs when the ME3640 s throttling the port to 100 Meg.

To rule out any hardware incompatibility I plugged two laptops into the same 3640ME switch, with one port at 1Gig and 1 port at 100Meg and I get exactly the same issue.

Any feedback or comments welcome that may fix this.

I can add config and Show Tech Support if required

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