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Cisco 4321/K9 excessive boot time

When powering on a couple different Cisco 4321 devices, the device take up to 12 minutes to boot up completely. It will boot normally and then hit a long pause for minutes on the section checking flash space. And then continue to boot normally afterwards.


You are already on a high-end

You are already on a high-end router.
That's not your usual 1941 router that boots up, hmm, about 3 minutes i think

That should be normal.
If you firmly believe it is too long, then raise a case to Cisco TAC ^_^
We may never know there is a hardware issue on that e.g., corrupted flash


Re: You are already on a high-end

Hi, I was looking for more details on WHY the 4000 Series generation boot time has increased so drastically, and found this post. Since the reply says "You are already on a high-end router" should that not automatically spark up the human curiosity as per why the boot up time is now 6 times longer compared to the older routers ? I mean the "high-end router" kind of implies an improvement usually, but i digress. 

I was not able to find any explanations as per why the boot up time increased so I would like to ask the community about it, would someone be able to enlighten us please ? There is got to be a better explanation or reason as per why we are experiencing this slow response in the super era of micro-computing. 

Also I am curious why the service module starts booting only after the Router has booted up? Should there not be a little brain of it's own to support the boot up process independently from the main chassis, sort of a parallel boot maybe ? 

Thank you in advance :)