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Cisco 4321 router gets new ES2-8 switch - shows in Routers show run



I just installed the ES2-8 module in the 4321 ISR, and the 8 switch ports are showing in the "show run" of the router. This 4321 has a config from the router that is going to be replaced(2911 ISR with switchports). From what I read, it doesnt look easy to install and configure this module to work but why is it showing up under the RTR runnning config? The older 2911 ISR kept these two things seperate. I would have to switch-service-module between them.  Am I overthinking this? 

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 -  The ES2-8 module is indeed being configured as a switchport on the 4321 ISR router, that's why it  shows up in the running configuration of the router. This is different from the 2911 ISR, which required you to switch between the switch module and the router module. To have the same behavior on as on the 2911 you need to configure it as standalone


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Thank you for your response. Would a Nessus scan only show the switch port ip and hide the router information in the info section? Thats what I'm seeing and it just seems like half a scan, although it is credentialed. 

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Am I overthinking this? 

yes you are here, Switch module is just like Layer2 ports in router give you more additional ports on the Router - other than Router ports that is Layer3

it will show you in the config because the card is installed and ready to use, but there is no config applied on that ports, ( if remember they are in shutdown mode)

so you like to use that ports

create VLAN, how you do in switch and tag that ports to that vlan



interface gig 1/0/1

switchport access vlan 10


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I remember the 'old' way of switching between modules, which I always considered rather tedious. Now you install the module, and the switchports are right there in the 'main' configuration. No more switching around...

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