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Cisco 881 sec k9 Router with two internet connections


Hello mates,

I have 881 router and it has 1 WAN port and 4 Fa ports. I want to know if it's possible to have 2 internet connections on that router? If it is possible can you give me some guidlines(tutorials). I found an interesting article about the load-balancing for two isp connections:

But I don't know if that will help me.

Thanks in advance,


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Marwan ALshawi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Ceco

as long as you can have two default routes for each service provide/Internet link  and enable CEF using the command ip cef

then you can load balance also you might think about load sharing using PBR and IPSLA

have a look at the bellow article which will guide you step by step how to configure it ( th ePBR and IP SLA are optional ) just make sure you cover the default routes and NATing for basic load balancing


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Thank you for the quick response ! Wonderful article ... I will try it for sure and then I will post the result : ) Thanks again marwan.


It appears that I need to configure just failover not load balancing ... I gues IP SLA can help me with this task but I'll appreciate a little help : )

Marwan ALshawi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

How do u want to do it ?

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I was thinking of something like that but the thing that is bothering me is that I had only 1 WAN port ... shuld I use VLANs ?

ip sla 1   < The number 1 here is arbitrary, used only to identify this sla. It is otherwise knows as the operation number>

icmp-echo  < is a DNS server that responds to pings out on the internet>

timeout 500  < This is how long to wait for a response from the ping>

frequency 3 < This is the repeat rate for the SLA>

ip sla schedule 1 start-time now life forever < This command says  "start SLA 1 now and keep it running forever>

track 1 rtr 1 reachability   < This comand creates the track object "1" and monitors the SLA 1>

now for the routing, we need to change the default route and associate it with the tracker

no ip route

and then put it back with the tracking

ip route track 1

Then we need to add our secondary route

ip route 10


you should configure in ip sla the source-interface used for the sla test.

But I'm wondering, you say you have 2 ISPs but then they should have a different subnet address which is not the case here.

What interface have you got for WAN? doing PPoE on ethernet interface or ADSL WAN card?



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i am not sure how you are connected to your ISP it looks like both of then using same subnet/VLAN !!!

any way what you can do is create a local policy based routing that redirect icmp generated by the router to your DNS IP to be sent to only


ip access-list 100 permit icmp any host

route-map PBR1 permti 20

match ip address 100

set ip next hop

To apply PBR to packets generated from router, use:

ip local policy route-map PBR1

this way you will make sure the icmp for IPSLA will be sent only to and if the DNS not reachable via the track will go down and the defaulted route will go down too



This IP adresses are just an example ... the two ISP's are on different subnets but the thing is that the router has only one WAN port and 4 LAN ports. My idea is to use the WAN port for the first ISP and to use one of the LAN ports for the second ISP. Because I want to use LAN port I assume that I had to assign it to a different VLAN from the other 3 LAN ports. I don't know if that is even possible :?

Hi Tsetan,

try to create a SVI for second ISPand assing one of the lan port in that vlan,other ports you can configure as trunk if u hv

multiple vlans.

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