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Cisco 891 network inside a network

I am looking for a bit of help and patience here...  I am trying to setup a "test" network inside of my main network that I can use to teach an Intern about Windows Server etc without impacting our main network.  I purchased an off lease Cisco 891 because I thought it would be a good idea for my intern and myself to get familiar with that interface as well.


I can't seem to get an Internet connection on the new network though. 


I have the WAN Gigabit port set to a address on my main network.  Then I created a Vlan called 192 in the router and assigned as the address for that vLan.  I assigned the LAN ports I want to that vlan and after adding the route in each upstream switch I can ping all the way back to my core.  


I am not sure what all information you might need to help out so please feel free to ask me more questions and I will provide what info I can.  This might have been too big of a project to attempt as a noob.


Thank you,

VIP Mentor

Re: Cisco 891 network inside a network



which device is directly connected to the Internet ? That device needs to have NAT enabled for the new networks you have added. Post the configuration of the device that performs the NAT...


Re: Cisco 891 network inside a network

My ISP (our local ISD) has a Cisco device in our MDF that is connected to their fiber network and provides Internet.  That is the device that my pings stop at.  Just past that Cisco device in my network is our core switch.  I can ping that just fine from inside the test network.  In between our core and our cisco is about three switches.  I have been in contact with the ISD and they are telling me I should be able to accomplish what I want internally and no changes should need to be made to their device for it to work.

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