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Cisco ASA with Firepower Services OR Check Point NGFW

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Hello All!


I have to decide between Cisco ASA 5500-X with FirePOWER Services or Checkpoint Firewalls for the HO and branch offices. What should be the key factors in deciding for either of them? Also, Please share pros and cons of both the solutions? 



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It always depends on what you exactly need. For the Cisco Solution you could also consider the Firepower Thread Defense solution instead of ASA with Firepower services and a Meraki MX could also be the right solution.

Hi, Actually we are in process of merging another company with us. Currently, we are planning to use DMVPNs with PFR and are thinking of using dedicated Firewalls at both HO and BOs. We are already using Checkpoint at our HO (which is connected with old BOs). So, now the confusion is which solution should be implemented at the new sites and Why? Cisco or Checkpoint?


IMO, more important than the brand is which platform you are used to and knowledgeable in. But if you plan for DMVPN, choosing Cisco would give you a single vendor of support. That can help. Choosing Meraki could integrate the firewall, auto-VPN (slightly comparable to DMVPN) and SD-WAN in one platform. And because you are asking in a Cisco forum: Always choose Cisco!!! ;-)

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