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Cisco ASR 1001-HX license clarification

Dear All,

One of the our customer bought Cisco ASR1001HX with these licenses. I have read that all licenses are RTU for ASR1000 series, however Cisco delivered paper licenses where PAK is written, that made me confused. List of licenses are these:


Cisco ONE Fnd ASR1K License: AES, AVC, IPSEC, FW RTU


Cisco ONE PI Device License for LF & AS for ASR 1000


Crypto throughput License for ASR1001-HX 8G - For Cisco ONE


Crypto throughput upgrade from 8G to 16G for ASR1001-HX


Customer need to enable features based on these licenses. Since papers are delivered as PAK (afaik, this is paper PAK), it confused us.


What I know is, to enable crypto throughput and upgrade for it requires below commands:

conf t

platform hardware crypto-throughput level 8g  

platform hardware crypto-throughput level 8-16g


and that's all, true? License for 8g is specific one (cisco one) ,does it matter?


But what about other 2 licenses? What I understand these are Cisco One suites, yes? How to enable them? Do they need PAK download?


Thanks in advance,



Any help?


What does 'show licenses' for that particular Router give you?


From my experience, the license either comes pre-installed on the Router, or delivered as a paper pak and you need to generate the relevant license file from the Cisco license portal and upload to the Router and activate.


Thanks for your reply! Okey, but then what is the purpose of Right-to-use licenses?


I have enabled crypto-throughput using below commands:

platform hardware crypto-throughput level 8g  

platform hardware crypto-throughput level 8-16g


show platform hardware crypto-throughput level ,now show 20Gbps throughput (also interesting why 20G, not 16G?)


I have enabled Cisco one suite using:

license boot suite FoundationSuiteK9


show licenses gives several results, regarding foundationsuite it gives:

Index 27 Feature: FoundationSuiteK9             

        Period left: Life time

        License Type: RightToUse

        License State: Active, In Use

        License Count: Non-Counted

        License Priority: Low


Even Show version gives:

License Type: Permanent

License Suite: FoundationSuiteK9

Next reload License Suite: FoundationSuiteK9



I'm not sure on the official terminology for the 'Right-to-use' license. I have a Cisco TAC case open up at the amount regarding something similar. We have purchased some licences for an ASR1002-HX, but the license feature that should be covered by the licenses is currently showing as being functional in EvalRightToUse mode:


Period left: 8 weeks 3 days
Period Used: 24 minutes 50 seconds
License Type: EvalRightToUse


I'm not willing to take the risk of the Eval turning in to a permanent license (as some of the Cisco text seems to suggest) after the 60 day Eval period.



RTU licenses are not enforced by PAK. Hence, you can enable them, these licenses are honorable based. Cisco trusts you, and you should buy before moving to RTU license.


What I observed, when you enable feature by configuring something, device accepts that feature/config and automatically enables Evaluation mode for that feature. What I read is " License Type: EvalRightToUse" is license type which is in evaluation mode and will be converted (automatically) to RTU mode after timer expires. You should buy license or disable after 60days.


By the way, license right-to-use move feature commands moves to RTU mode if feature is EvalRTU.