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Cisco Catalyst switch 9500, 16.12.3: intermittent log messages: %IOSXE_INFRA-5-PUNT_SVC_INVALID_OPT_PKT: Invalid IPv4 options packet punted to RP

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Any suggestions what the cause of these intermittent log messages is:

%IOSXE_INFRA-5-PUNT_SVC_INVALID_OPT_PKT: Invalid IPv4 options packet punted to RP


Hw: Cisco Catalyst C9500-48Y4C  switch.

Sw: 16.12.3


Log: the messages appear randomly, about 1x - 5x/day.

There don't seem to be interesting log messages preceding these messages.


CPU: the CPU load seems to be low, averaging about 10 % or lower.



Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any helpful documentation about this.

I've also checked for bugs and Release Notes in higher software, but didn't find matches.


I was considering taking a control-plane capture, but without any further pointers this will be looking for a needle in a haystack.


Any help is highly appreciated!


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Accepted Solutions

The error message can be ignored.

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 - Depending on feasibility and sense of urgency, you may have a try with 16.12.4 or else contact Cisco TAC.


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Hi marce1000,
Thanks for the fast reply!
I didn't find any matching fixes in 16.12.14 yet, but I think I'll try this as next step.

Hi Emir,


Facing same error in my 3850 switch.

kindly share if you found any solution.



Nirmit Joshi



post the full running configuration of your switch, we might be able to spot something.

Hi sir,


Only SVIs, InterValn and PVST config.

Some how I can't able to share config. sorry




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Hi Nirmit,


Thanks for your question.


Unfortunately, we had to close this issue as unresolved.


The currently latest software versions as of today are 16.12.4 (MD) or 17.3.2a (ED).

As there were no matching fixes mentioned in higher release notes there was no green light for a software update.




do you have e.g. IP Device tracking and/or UDLD configured on the switch ?

Hello Paul,


Thanks for your question.


We did already close this issue and unfortunately, I'm not allowed to share the full configuration.


IP device tracking was not configured.



"udld aggressive" was configured in global config mode

errdisable recovery cause udld

No UDLD configuration on any interface.


I hope this is helpful for others.

May I ask how it was resolved? Can you share your experience?

Thank you!

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Hi Zhuo,

Thanks for asking!

We did close this ticket in the past since there were no matching bug fixes in the release notes of higher software versions and we didn't have green light for an upgrade.

However, I just checked on the same c9500 switch and there are no such log messages when running 17.06.05.
So it looks like the upgrade resolved the issue.

I hope this is helpful!

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Hi everyone!
We have c9500 switch with 17.6.5 IOS XE version, and, unfortunately, have this issue.
Log messages appear randoml:

May 19 05:09:19 IRKT: %IOSXE_INFRA-5-PUNT_SVC_INVALID_OPT_PKT: Invalid IPv4 options packet punted to RP

The error message can be ignored.

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