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Cisco CPE SNR Drops until disconnection (Ericsson EDA2530 DSLAM)

Hi! This is my first post here, so if I've made any mistake ... sorry!

I have a Cisco 877 and a Cisco 1841 with 2 ADSL WIC modules. I connect to an Ericsson EDA2530 DSLAM and I have a huge problem. The SNR keeps dropping (sometimes it can even reach -1.5dB) and then the connection drops. The CRC errors rise up to several thousand too. This happens with all the above CPE's. My ISP has provided me with a OneAccess CPE for one line and a Pirelli CPE for the other. These work perfectly without any line drops. Are there any known issues between Cisco CPEs and the Ericsson EDA 2530 DSLAM? I have tried upgrading to the latest modem firmware on my CISCO CPEs and I've also tried different IOS but I can't seem to stablize the SNR. I have been searching for a solution for a long time and not even my ISP is able to help. I hope someone here will be able to suggest something so I can get rid of the Pirelli and OneAccess CPEs and use a REAL CPE!!

Thanks in advance!

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