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Cisco ISR4331 | KVM VM | Hanging on "connected to appliance" then eventually going back to the router prompt

Hello there, the company I work for have been trying to get an Ubuntu 18 Server iso on a Cisco ISR4331 Router, having viewed this tutorial:


And then from that, finding this guide:


We began work.


I got a bog standard Ubuntu 18 Server iso, installed it via Virtual Machine Manager, added the users I wanted, installed the applications I wanted.


I have ensured the grub menu is booting into TTYS0 as the guide shows to use upstart but Ubuntu 18 doesn't use upstart, so I added it to the grubmenu and actually created a service to start at boot as well, and I can verify it like so:


I then can use:

virsh ubuntu18 console


to connect to the server via my test environment and this works fine.


I then followed the ova creation tool in that guide which created me a file as well as an ova, I used the templates and ova creation tool found here: 


I have tried using the qcow2 disk that Virtual Machine Manager spits out, and I have also tried converting it like so:



qemu-img convert -p -c -f raw -o compat=0.10 -O qcow2 /var/lib/libvirt/images/ubuntu18.qcow2 ubuntu18.qcow2


And then the command to generate the ova.

./ -mts 200000 -mfs 100000 ubuntu18

The VM installs on the router fine and activates fine, however when I try to connect using:

virtual-server connect name ubuntu18 console

I am faced with text that says "Connected to appliance" then after 5-10 seconds I am taking back to the default router prompt.


I am really stuck here now and would appreciate any input on how to get this working.


Thank you.