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Cisco SOHO 97 config file updates - help please

Hi Guys

I have a Cisco SOHO 97 router which is working fine, I dont want to touch it. However, Cisco tech help is mega expensive and I cant afford to pay for the config of another one I have to buy.

The config is not a standard IOS interface config and I paid for the original one to be setup correctly, I just don't know how to get at it. I know its possible the techies tell me its easy to do, so maybe I can learn too.

I want to download the complete config from the working Router and and change the user id and password and IP address's and upload it to the new Router.

It also provides me with a backup config if I have to install a new Router on either site for any reason

Can any one help with an idiots guide to the command line stuff.

Many Thanks


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Re: Cisco SOHO 97 config file updates - help please

I dont think it is tough to configure the SOHO router and also the setup config will differ from one router to another router, even you remove the ip address and passwords, etc..,

If the Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) Quick Start Guide was included in your accessory kit, Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) is loaded on your router. Refer to that document to configure your Cisco 837 router


Re: Cisco SOHO 97 config file updates - help please

Yes your right, the http interface is quite straight forward.

However, it doesnt deal with VPN passthrough amd no NAT.

So I the command line is required. There is an identical setup already configured, a change of IP address and user ID is all thats necessary.

I have managed to download this config using the enable mode and tftp. The problem now is getting back into the new router.

But thanks for your reply, seems this sort of thing is far to trivial for any real thought or care.

This is why I dont buy Cisco kit, support is a nightmare for small users.

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