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Configuring 4507R-E w/EIGRP

I am working with setting up a lab and could use a little assistance. My lead wants me to use 2x 4507R-E as layer 2 and 3 devices. So I am place VLANs and routing protocols on each device. This is my first time putting a lab together period (but I do have my CCNA ). The 4500s series is very new to me and I have a few questions when dealing with the SUP-E modules on this switch.

Each switch has the dual modules and I was wondering do you confiure the modules to mirror each other on each switch or do they each get their own default IP and soon on?

There is fiber running from both the the active SUP-E and the back up either to each 4507R-E or to a switch, how am I able to configure the back up? Do I need to pull the active so the backup takes it's place?

So many questions, I know but any help would be apperciated.

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Configuring 4507R-E w/EIGRP

Hello Emmanuel,

the two supervisors provide supervisor redundancy.

You need to configure only the current active supervisor as in background the standby supervisor will receive the configuration file from the master if some conditions are met.

The recommended redudancy strategy is stateful switchover SSO that provides the minimum convergence time in case of sup switchover.


and more specifically

conf t


mode sso

you can check the state of sup redundancy with

show redundancy

with SSO the state of the standby supervisor should be Standby HOT if all is working well.


About the uplink ports in standby supervisor they can be used with recent supervisors. You don't need to pull the currently active supervisor unless you want to test redundancy.

You may need to select the type of uplink you want to  10GE or 1Gbps using the config command

hw-module uplink select

The ports on the backup supervisor should be configurable using   int type slot#/port# where slot# is the slot where the standby sup is inserted, type is giga or tengiga and port# is the port number.

Hope to help



Configuring 4507R-E w/EIGRP

Thank you, I will put your advice into practice and try to update this post with the results