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Daley Gateway Cisco

I have access switch (Avaya), CORE switch (HP) and I have gateway (Cisco), but when I use Cisco as a gateway, I have a long delay of about 3 seconds in my application, but when I take the cisco and put Sonicwall , application runs out of daley.

This has already been tested with other equipment of the same model, but with different versions and is the same result.

Router: ISR4431 / K9
Version: 16.9.4

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Re: Daley Gateway Cisco


Can you post a simple topology so to make it a bit clearer on your current setup?

kind regards

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Re: Daley Gateway Cisco


There will be many reasons for the delay as:

1. MTU issue

2. Interface speed mismatch or configuration issue.

3. Your Network uses are high but device would not capable for that much high bandwidth 

4. Cisco router is faulty or media is faulty

5. Other configuration issues as Routing, NATing, Layer 2, etc.


It is better if you share some more details as router configuration, Network diagram, etc.


Deepak Kumar,
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Re: Daley Gateway Cisco

1. Problema no MTU
Working with 1500 MTU Standard

2. Incompatibilidade de velocidade da interface ou problema de configuração.
All interfaces have been validated and are working high at 100 full

3. Os usos da sua rede são altos, mas o dispositivo não seria capaz de oferecer uma largura de banda muito alta
Traffic generates about half the interface militia

4. O roteador Cisco está com defeito ou a mídia está com defeito
We tested 4 routers of the same model and different versions at the same slow speed.

5. Outros problemas de configuração como roteamento, NATing, camada 2, etc.

The settings have been validated too, I like everything normal.

Communication leaves the PC, goes to SW Avaya (Access), which sends to SW CORE (HP), which sends to RO Cisco (Gateway), which returns to SW CORE (HP), which forwards to the VM.

As there are other networks and can not talk, you have to send to RO Cisco (gataway).


Follows attachment to topology

Re: Daley Gateway Cisco

Does anyone have any idea what may be the cause of the delay?
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Re: Daley Gateway Cisco

I would look at the possibility of a duplex mismatch as a possible cause of the delay. Can you post the output of show interface from the router and the switch connected to it?





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Re: Daley Gateway Cisco


Please share router and HP switch configuration including some show output as:


show interface 

sho ip route

show ip access-list 


Show run



Deepak Kumar,
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