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I have setup a DMVPN. I have 2 DMVPN clouds, 2 hubs each terminating each cloud. At the spoke sites I have 2 routers each terminating each DMVPN.

On one of my spoke routers I am getting the following constant log

*Oct 30 00:57:45.092: %NHRP-3-PAKERROR: Received Error Indication from, code: protocol generic error(7), (trigger src: (nbma: 213.xx.xx.241) dst:, offset: 0, data: 00 01 08 00 00 00 00 00 00 FF 00 79 2B CA 00 34

The hub is

The spoke where the log appears is is an ip that does not exist any longer. I have 2 hubs, it used to exist on my other hub but no longer. 

The debug shows the following messages

*Oct 30 00:48:53.389: NHRP: Sending NHRP Resolution Request for dest: to nexthop: using our src: vrf:global(0x0)
*Oct 30 00:48:53.389: NHRP: Attempting to send packet through interface Tunnel200 via DEST dst
*Oct 30 00:48:53.390: NHRP: Send Resolution Request via Tunnel200 vrf global(0x0), packet size: 121
*Oct 30 00:48:53.390: src:, dst:
*Oct 30 00:48:53.390: NHRP: Encapsulation succeeded. Sending NHRP Control Packet NBMA Address:
*Oct 30 00:48:53.390: NHRP: 149 bytes out Tunnel200
*Oct 30 00:48:53.403: NHRP: Receive Error Indication via Tunnel200 vrf global(0x0), packet size: 161
*Oct 30 00:48:53.403: %NHRP-3-PAKERROR: Received Error Indication from, code: protocol generic error(7), (trigger src: (nbma: dst:, offset: 0, data: 00 01 08 00 00 00 00 00 00 FF 00 79 2B CC 00 34

The tunnel on the spoke is configured as :

interface Tunnel200
description ** DMVPN Tunnel over MPLS **
bandwidth 50000
ip address
no ip redirects
ip mtu 1400
ip nhrp authentication NhrpAuth
ip nhrp map 213.xx.xx.98
ip nhrp map multicast 213.xx.xx.98
ip nhrp network-id 102
ip nhrp holdtime 600
ip nhrp nhs
ip nhrp registration no-unique
ip nhrp shortcut
ip tcp adjust-mss 1360
delay 60
nhrp group SPOKE_44MBPS
performance monitor context PrmAM_AVP4_c
keepalive 10 3
tunnel source GigabitEthernet0/0/0
tunnel mode gre multipoint
tunnel key 102
tunnel vrf DMVPN2
tunnel protection ipsec profile DMVPN-PROFILE2

sh ip nhrp br

Intf NextHop Address NBMA Address
Target Network T/Flag
-------- ------------------------------------------- ------ ----------------
Tu200 D/e

sh dmvpn

Interface: Tunnel200, IPv4 NHRP Details
Type:Spoke, NHRP Peers:2,

# Ent Peer NBMA Addr Peer Tunnel Add State UpDn Tm Attrb
----- --------------- --------------- ----- -------- -----
2     213.xx.xx.245 UP 00:03:08 D
                            UP 00:03:08 D
2     213.xx.xx.98 UP 00:01:50 D
                            UP 00:44:15 S

Does anyone have any ideas what is may be. I have checked and does not exist.

paul driver
VIP Mentor


Have you tried clearing the NHRP cache?

clear ip nhrp x.x.x.x



kind regards

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Hi Paul

Yes Ive tried clearing nhrp but no luck. After further investigation I found that if I pinged an IP address in that same subnet but one that does not exist, then I would get a Pak error with the IP I tried pinging.

This meant there was something trying to get to and as it was an IP that used to be configured on my primary hub , So I carried out sh show run | inc on the routers

I found a static route on the spoke with a next hop of the which obviously was the culprit. Removed the static and no more PAK Errors

Thanks for the help