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DMVPN Phase 2 - Dual-Cloud and EIGRP

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Hello all.

Need a little help.  I have a lab where i'm practicing some Dual-Hub DMVPN with EIGRP Phase 2.  When I shut down the port on a spoke that uplinks to the primary ISP, it switches over as expected, but the third-party next-hop feature is not activated.  I believe this is due to EIGRP itself.  All next-hops for remote spoke subnets point to the hub. 

I was told that IP SLA can resolve this but i'm weak with that feature and would like to know if someone can assist in how I would go about doing that?  I set up an IP SLA on the hub that does an ICMP-Echo to the NBMA of the spoke (to the interface I shut) sourcing it from the Hub's NBMA for the primary ISP and set the schedule to start now and is set to forever.  I don't see it taking effect.  I'm missing something here and I sense it's more complex than what I just set up. 

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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I need to see the config of spoke and hubs 

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