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Does any one know,what is Level 2 watchdog timeout reset?


I got a error , it's show *** Level 2 watchdog timeout reset *** and reboot a few minutes.

I didn't find any information for this!

Does any one can tell me what's wrong with it?

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Leo Laohoo
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Post the crashinfo file. 

There's a strong likelyhood it's an IOS bug.

Hi Lai,

Could you share the show version output and modules/Cards in the device.  As Leo has posted most likely to be a Bug.

Please refer the below URL for your reference.

Cisco processors have timers that guard against certain types of system hangs. The CPU periodically resets a watchdog timer. The watchdog timer basically controls the time of each process. If the timer is not reset, a trap occurs. If a process is longer than it must be, the watchdog timer is used to escape from this process.

This only occurs if something goes wrong. Based on the situation, the router can reset itself, or recover from the failure and generate an error message in the console logs, which looks like this:

*** Watch Dog Timeout ***

PC = 0x6022536C, SP = 0x00000000


%SYS-2-WATCHDOG: Process aborted on watchdog timeout, process = Exec 

*** System received a Software forced crash *** 

signal = 0x17, code = 0x24, context= 0x60ceca60


Sathvik K V

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