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EBGP Advertising


Is there any better way to advertise a route learned from an ebgp client to a different ebgp  peer visa a transit AS,I have never used route reflector will it be of any help.  NWA=========NWB=========NWC


All the networks NWA,NWB and NWC are in different AS,How to get NWA Network to NWC.

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Jon Marshall
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VIP Community Legend

A route reflector won't help here because that is an IBGP concept.

If all the routers are in different ASs then it should be advertised without any special configuration.

Is this a lab setup or a production environment ?


Hi Jon,

Its a production environment.

I was worried being a Transit AS and that overhead on my router NWB. is associated with NWC and not directly connected to NWB, So if I advertise from NWB will it not cause a loop.

Can AS Path filter list will be of any help.

Sorry, I am not understanding what you want to do.

From your diagram the only path to that network is via NWB so it has to know about it.

How would your diagram create a loop ?

Perhaps there are other parts of your setup you haven't shown.



Thanks Jon for taking ur time.

For NWB to know the network NWC has to advertise, My concern is with making this network available at NWC and for that NWB has to advertise it.

Im done with the shift now. Let me see I can make a  pictorial for making it more clear.

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