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eigrp summary route not allowing other route to be learnt

Hi All

I have a router connected to a distribution switch.

The router connects to the WAN and learns LAN routes from the distribution switch.

On the router there is a summary route, obviously this creates a route to Null 0.

The issue is, I have this route redistributed into eigrp on the distribution router, so the WAN router should learn it.

However it is not learning it due to the summary route installed on the WAN router, this has a lower AD.

How would I best to fix this?

move the summary route to the dist switch? put a static route on the WAN router pointing to the dist switch?




Sorry it's not clear to me what exactly the issue is. But based on the title of your question I can suggest to use leak map along with summary route to advertise any specific routes that fall under the network that you are summarizing.


If that's not you are looking for, then please share a drawing of your network and also "show ip route eigrp" output.


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Let me try to explain again
I have a distribution switch, running eigrp, this switch connects to a wan router.
I have a static route on the dist switch which is, this is then redistributed to the wan router.
The wan router has a summary route on its wan facing interface which is the same
Basically traffic from the wan hits the wan router and does not go towards the switch.
It appears the router is ignoring the route learnt from the dist switch.
Is this because of the summary route to null 0 is preferred?
How do I fix?


Thanks for the explanation. I am trying to understand why would you configure a summary route on the WAN router when it's already being redistributed/advertised by the distribution switch? if you remove the summary address statement from the WAN router then it would be learning about that network from the distribution switch and therefore use it as the next hop for the network . But I don't want to make any suggestions before knowing why it's configured the way it is now.






Hello Carl

I don't think you need to do that, just advertise a default route towards your l3 switch from your wan rtr, and if you wish have the L3 switch configured as a eigrp stub.




kind regards

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