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Enquiry about QoS on 6500 Switch & Dataline Router 2921

Hi every experts,


I would like to make the enquiry on how to set QoS on a specific interface based on http/https/udp on switch.

We have some VIPs who are seating at WTC and they found running Reuters program slowly via our corporate network (However, those speed is acceptable when connecting it directly to 100M broadband). The network path from WTC to the Internet over internal network is passing from WTC  60M MetroIP  WAN  80M MetroIP  DC  Firewall  corporate 100M Internet line. Should we set following on QoS on our DC / WTC core switch & dataline routers to accomplish this? Please advise.

Here match HTTP/HTTPS traffic and set the dscp to AF21 (Assumption: the source ip of the VIP is and http & https are 80 & 443 respectively)

access-list 150 permit udp any eq 80 443
class-map match-any HTTP
match access-group 150

policy-map HTTP
class HTTP
set dscp af21

Joseph W. Doherty
Hall of Fame Expert

For QoS to be effective, you need to ascertain whether any interfaces along the path are congesting in such a way to impact the traffic you're trying to insure has good service. If so, then yes, often QoS can be used to better guarantee some traffic passes through such interfaces without issue.

Hi Joseph,


Thanks for your reply. Since the path across multiple hops, is it possible to apply the QoS using source ip without specifying source interface?


WTC > 60M MetroIP <> WAN à 80M MetroIP <> DC <> Firewall <> corporate 100M Internet line


Hi Joseph, 


So my draft of commands are good enough for that? Or any additional commands are needed? Please enlighten.

More is needed. Again, you either need to identify bottleneck interfaces (or you need to apply QoS commands end-to-end - i.e. every transit device).

Actual commands often vary per platform, even sometimes IOS version. 6500 QoS often dependent on specific line card.

What you've done, identify HTTP/HTTPS (BTW, both are TCP, not UDP as your ACL examines) from one source IP, and marking it with DSCP AF21, might only be one small part of what you need to configure.