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General 3750x stackwise performance experiences?

I have read a number of posts regarding the 3750x series switches and performance issues. I have also read the comparison white papers that HP puts out (with a grain of salt, mind you) listing possible over subscription being a production characteristic of this model. As one of the harder performance issues to document, has anyone with this stack model fought this battle?

I have a pair of switch clusters

(This one has a bug that messes up the output drop counters, have to use the asic counters)

*    1 54    WS-C3750X-48P      12.2(58)SE2           C3750E-UNIVERSALK9-M    

     2 54    WS-C3750X-48P      12.2(58)SE2           C3750E-UNIVERSALK9-M    

     3 54    WS-C3750X-48P      12.2(58)SE2           C3750E-UNIVERSALK9-M

This one runs clean, no display bugs.                

     1 54    WS-C3750X-48P      12.2(53)SE2           C3750E-UNIVERSALK9-M    

*    2 54    WS-C3750X-48P      12.2(53)SE2           C3750E-UNIVERSALK9-M

And one 2960G

*    1   24     WS-C2960G-24TC-L   12.2(35)SE5             C2960-LANBASE-M

The remote admin of this location has been doing a 550Meg .iso file transfer between two systems, moving them between the switches, using SMB/CIFS as the transfer protocol.

The 3750x stacks are on the order of 3-5 minutes slower to complete the transfers.

I am going back and working with the Admin on the site, to get a better test matrix so I have indivudual ports and what was done. But I did clear the counters all around, and the switches do run clean.. not an obvious duplex mismatch issue.

Looking to add heads and ideas on what I should be testing/looking at. I'll post what I learn.


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General 3750x stackwise performance experiences?

Looking at the various IOS versions you are using for the 3750X, I'd recommend you try upgrading to 12.2(55)SE5 (or SE6).  Avoid 12.2(53)SE altogether.

The 2960 can also benefit from a major upgrade of the IOS as the one that you're currently using is pretty much ancient.

For the 2960 you can try the following codes:

12.2(55)SE5 (or SE6); or

15.0(1)SE3; or


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