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GLC-T not recognized by IR829

IR829GW-LTE-VZ-AK9 is the PID of the router. IOS is 15.5(3)M1.

These are the messages I get when inserting/removing a GLC-T:

*Jun 9 10:56:27 CDT: %MAINBOARD_SFP-6-INSERTED: Transceiver module unknown SFP is inserted in GigabitEthernet0 port.
*Jun 9 10:56:27 CDT: %MAINBOARD_SFP-3-NOT_IDENTIFIED: Unidentified transceiver module in GigabitEthernet0 port.
*Jun 9 10:56:44 CDT: %MAINBOARD_SFP-6-REMOVAL: Transceiver module SFP is removed from GigabitEthernet0 port.

I have two different routers and two different GLC-Ts. Both GLCs give the same behavior in both routers. I don't have another device handy to try the GLCs in. The only switch I have close at hand is a 3560c, and since its SFPs are combo ports it won't accept a GLC-T.

A GLC-SX-MMD is recognized.

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Is it a genuine Cisco SFP?

Is it a genuine Cisco SFP?

It is a genuine Cisco.

It is a genuine Cisco.

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SFP Modules

The router Ethernet SFP modules provide connections to other devices. These field-replaceable transceiver modules provide the uplink interfaces. Local connectors (LCs) provide the fiber-optic connection. RJ-45 connectors allow copper connections. You can use any combination of the supported SFP modules listed in the table that follows.


Table 1-8 Maximum Operating Temperature

Type of SFP Module

Rugged and Industrial SFPs
–40 to 185°F (–40 to 85°C)

GLC-SX-MM-RGD with digital optical monitoring

(DOM) support

GLC-LX-SM-RGD with digital optical monitoring

(DOM) support

GLC-ZX-SM-RGD with digital optical monitoring

(DOM) support

I did find that, but a non

I did find that, but a non-RGD SX unit worked fine. And I think it is very silly if the only L3 port (L2s are non-convertible) can only be fiber. So I'm hitting TAC on this. The support ticket may have to turn in to a feature request. this tip this tip from Cisco TAC:

IR800#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
IR800(config)#service internal
IR800(config)#service unsupported-transceiver
Warning: When Cisco determines that a fault or defect can be traced to
the use of third-party transceivers installed by a customer or reseller,
then, at Cisco's discretion, Cisco may withhold support under warranty or
a Cisco support program. In the course of providing support for a Cisco
networking product Cisco may require that the end user install Cisco
transceivers if Cisco determines that removing third-party parts will
assist Cisco in diagnosing the cause of a support issue.

*Jun 10 19:19:22.613: %MAINBOARD_SFP-6-INSERTED: Transceiver module 1000BaseT SFP is inserted in GigabitEthernet0 port.
*Jun 10 19:19:22.613: %MAINBOARD_SFP-6-CHANGED: Transceiver module SFP type is changed in GigabitEthernet0 port.

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