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GSR 12016 route entry capacity


How would I know if the Cisco 12016 Router can still handle the full internet route from a new IPL and if the router can still handle the load? What particular show command should I use to verify that the router is still capable to handle this?

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Giuseppe Larosa
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you should compare:

sh ip bgp summary

that tells you how much memory is used by BGP

sh proc mem | inc Free

What route processor is installed?

if PRP2 you should be fine also with

I have 3 full internet BGP sessions on this GSR:

sh ip bgp sum | inc total bytes
BGP using 162019348 total bytes of memory

Hope to help


The current setup is using a GRP with an IOS Version 12.0(31)S4.

SLOT 2  (RP/LC 2 ): Route Processor

  MAIN: type 19,  800-2427-02 rev C0

        Deviation: 0

        HW config: 0x00    SW key: FF-FF-FF

  PCA:  73-2170-06 rev B0 ver 5

        Design Release 1.5  S/N XXXXXXXXX

  MBUS: MBUS Agent (1)  73-2146-07 rev B0 dev 0

        HW version 1.2  S/N  XXXXXXXXX

        Test hist: 0xFF    RMA#: FF-FF-FF    RMA hist: 0xFF

  DIAG: Test count: 0xFFFFFFFF    Test results: 0xFFFFFFFF

  FRU:  Linecard/Module: GRP-B=

        Route Memory: MEM-GRP-512=

  MBUS Agent Software version 1.117 (RAM) (ROM version is 2.67)

  ROM Monitor version 2.2

  Primary clock is CSC 1

  Board State is IOS Running  ACTIVE (ACTV  RP )

  Insertion time: 00:01:01 (3y43w ago)

  DRAM size: 536870912 bytes

Is there a particular command that would show me how many memory it is currently using for routes? If a new IPL will be included would it still write new routes or just update the existing routes on the router?

Hello a.manosca

sh proc mem

sh proc mem | inc Free

check the memory used by BGP with

sh ip bgp summary | inc total

A new upstream provider will cause an increase of memory used by BGP because BGP process has to first receive all routes also from new peer.

In a second step for each prefix the BGP best path is chosen.

So the input RIB will use more memory for sure.

the size of the CEF table that is propagated to all linecards should be roughly the same, because CEF table contains only the best routes.

you have 512 MB that is the minimum nowdays.

A full BGP table is in the order of 308,000 routes

in my case with 3 upstream providers each with 308,000 routes I have:

sh ip bgp sum | inc total
BGP using 162839371 total bytes of memory

Be aware that you have a processor that is in end of life

Hope to help


Giuseppe hi,

Thanks for your responses. Would just like to confirm this because currently as per checking the logs from the router, the free memory is 149896320. 143 MB is still free. The BGP is using around 80 MB. In your current setup are you also using a 512MB or 1G? I'm still checking if our current setup could handle the new routes knowing that there is only 143MB free.

Router#show process memory | inc Free
Processor Pool Total:  453026368 Used:  303130048 Free:  149896320
     Fast Pool Total:     131072 Used:     102128 Free:      28944
PID TTY  Allocated      Freed    Holding    Getbufs    Retbufs Process

Router#show ip bgp sum | inc total bytes
BGP using 83936716 total bytes of memory

Router#show memory free
                        Head          Total(b)          Used(b)          Free(b)        Lowest(b)  Largest(b)
Processor   54FF5DC0        453026368   303132916   149893452   146564252   139047968
     Fast          54FD5DC0      131072      102136               28936       28936       28892

Again, thanks for your inputs.

Hello A. Manosca,

my system has a PRP2 with 2GB of RAM on main cpu

sh proc mem sorted
Processor Pool Total: 1865968544 Used:  423156612 Free: 1442811932
      I/O Pool Total:   67108864 Used:   30724264 Free:   36384600
      PCI Pool Total:   67108864 Used:   66803280 Free:     305584
     Fast Pool Total:     131072 Used:     129616 Free:       1456

PID TTY  Allocated      Freed    Holding    Getbufs    Retbufs Process
203   0 3234702496  507535396  308176572          0          0 BGP Router

#sh proc mem | inc BGP
203   0 3234702496  507535396  308176572          0          0 BGP Router     
204   0   24277432  821936240       7104          0          0 BGP I/O        
205   0          0   14263184      10104          0          0 BGP Scanner    

total use of memory by BGP is 308 MB as per sh proc mem

It is interesting to note that this figure is almost double of the number declared in sh ip bgp sum

sh ip bgp sum | inc total bytes
BGP using 165202165 total bytes of memory

this is on the same device.

I would suggest you to make the same check to see how much BGP uses main memory.

Hope to help


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