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Texas Hare

How can i configure the TDM E1 Carrier-Delay at E1 Interface?

I have been using the Cisco7613 chassis with PA-MCX-8TE1 module for TDM LSL.
(IOS version is 12.2IXH1)

To prevent the detect that transient connection lost, I has configured to Carrier-Delay function at serial interface.
But it was no effect. because it cannot configure at controller E1 interface too.
So If connection lost has occured, controller E1 interface has become to "down" state immediately.

Are there way to configure the Carrier-Delay at Controller E1 Interface level?

Daniele Giordano
Rising star

Hi, I've the same problem. Do you found a solution?


Carries delay does not apply to E1 interfaces.

Thank you Paolo for this information.

Do you have a suggestion for me?

I've 4 Cisco AS5400 with IOS 12.4T15 used to terminate an ISUP/SS7 trunk composed of 18 E1 circuits.

On every AS and every controller I can observe daily micro-fault like this:

Aug  3 11:01:19: %CONTROLLER-5-UPDOWN: Controller E1 7/2, changed state to down

Aug  3 11:01:20: %CONTROLLER-5-UPDOWN: Controller E1 7/2, changed state to up

I've already open hundreds of trouble-tickets with our carrier without succes.

In my opinion, the originating of the problem is in the SDH transport network. In this "long distance" network there could be many faults. The switching time of SPAN link could be grater than E1 controller carrier-delay.

Thanks and Regards.

No I don't think it would be a solution.

Micro-fault are not acceptable, there are millions of long haul circuits in service that do not have them.