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How should OSPF behave in a HSRP Config

Hi All,

I'm going to try and keep this really brief, so I've done a short version of the question and a long version!

Short Version:

Should a traceroute (that involves a route being learned through OSPF) through a HSRP pair show both router 1 and router 2 as individual hops - I would have thought not - but ours does!

Long Version:

We're working on an implementation where we have OSPF redistribution into EIGRP and it's basically in a complete loop basically like the below.

                    EIGRP 10

Site A -------------------------- Site B

   |                                     |

   |                                     |

   |  - OSPF 1                     |  - OSPF 2

   |                                     |

   |                                     |

Site C -------------------------- Site D

                    EIGRP 20

We've implemented the appropriate route maps to filter out the routes that we don't want advertised back into the site where it was originally advertised.

At site A we have a HSRP pair routers, both of which are configured, from EIGRP and OSPF's point of view as separate routers, with their own router ID and own (but mirrored) network statements that advertise the relevant networks into EIGRP and OSPF. Both are basically border routers between OSPF and EIGRP.

The issue we're having is that some traceroutes end up bouncing between the two core routers at site A. I don't know whether this is to do with clashing redistribution metrics or incorrect behaviour of HSRP and the reason I ask the latter point is that our traceroutes show the packet traversing both router 1 and router 2 at site A which surely shouldn't be the case.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: How should OSPF behave in a HSRP Config

Hi Anish,

Short answer is Yes :)

Pls note that HSRP is meant for your devices but OSPF routing depends upon your interfaces where you have enabled OSPF.

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