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I can't install the NPE-G2 on Cisco router 7206 VXR


i'm trying to install the NPE-G2 on Cisco Router 7206VXR but the keying post on the NPE-G2 stock in the end of the chassis.

Anybody have this problem before please help ASAP

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Amit Singh
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Could you please capture the router booting sequesnce and paste it here.

I can't start the router because I couldn't insert the NPE-G2 into the slot because the keying post as illustrated in the attachment file. And you know the NPE-G2 is the main controller of the router.

Hello Anas,

are trying to insert the NPE-G2 in place of the current NPE ?

Be aware that in same side of PAs there is the I/O controller

verify that the chassis is 7206VXR and not a C7206.

boot with the old NPE and issue

show c7200

and check the chassis type

Hope to help


Hello Giuseppe

thank you so much for your help.

i notice that there is two NPE-G2 version one with keying post and one without and the chassis that i have don't support the new one and i think i should get the older version of NPE-G2 i don't think that i have another choice.

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