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igmp static-group joins over WAN and Link Flapping

We have a WAN with two remote sites.

Each site has ASR routers which are configure for PIM BIDIR and we run EIGRP between them.

The RP for a specific set of mulicast groups is on R1.                  

On R2 we confiure igmp static-group on the LAN side for the groups that are sourced from R1.

Most all the time R1 gets the joins and subsequent mroutes are established from R2's static-group joins.

But occassionally I've noticed that the outgoing mroutes just get lost for no apparent reason.

From R2 the R1 (RP address) is reachable and there is no change in the configuration

The only thing I've noticed is we do get some flapping on the interace between R1 and R2 which is caused by the service provider.

The interface goes down and is backonline within a few seconds.

I'm trying to figure out if the reason we are losing the joins is because of the link flapping.

Is there a number of retries that that the R2 will send joins to the RP for the static-groups before it stops trying.

if so is that configurable ?

Shouldn't R2 keep sending Joins out even if cannot reacht the RP?

Thanks in advance